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Cua50815 Diploma of music industry (sound production)

The Grvoe Studios Academy has taken a holeistic pproach to the CUA50815 Diploma of Music INdustry (Sound Production) course. By deviding the course into three 14-week trimesters, we have developed our units using a clustered teaching method that allows for a focus on the fundamentals of the audio industry. Trimester 1 focuses on the basics of audio and music production. Students will focus on signal flow, recording basics and mixing techniques to then apply to two major recording projects. In trimester two, students will foucs on music business and live sound. They will be required to create contrats for bands, develop themselves as a freelancer, and setup and mix live sound for muaic and PA. The third trimester focuses on sound to picture. Students will learn how sound has played a pivotle role in cinema and will be required to complete three sound to picture projects looking at Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR), Foley and SFX, and sound designs.

Diploma Brochure

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