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The Grove Studios Academy has taken a holistic approach to the CUA50815 Diploma of Music Industry (Sound Production) course by dividing the course into three 14-week trimesters. We have developed our units using a clustered teaching method that allows for a focus on the fundamentals of the audio industry.

Designed to flow on from the CUA50815 Diploma of Music Industry (Sound Production) course, the CUA60515 Advanced Diploma of Music Industry focuses on taking fundamental skills and developing them into advanced creative tools. The Advanced Diploma is less about classroom based assessments and instead requires students to complete their own works in their own time. The freedom for students to do what they want is also increased with added flexibility to assessment outlines and self paced achievement.
Similar to the Diploma, the Advanced Diploma treats each trimester as a focus for different disciplines.

Trimester 1 deals with music business and music analysis. Students take the time to look into production techniques used in popular songs and how they can analyse tracks to derive their own production ideas. Students also increase their music business knowledge by focusing on creation and protection of original works.
In Trimester two, students take an advanced look at music production. Building on their established recording knowledge, students are required to work individually to contact an artist or band and produce a complete two track EP from pre production to mix down.
Trimester 3 takes the sound to picture basics of the Diploma and requires students to collaborate with their peers to produce the sound design for a short film. They will also be required to use electronic compositional techniques to score the film as well as music for a TV commercial.

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The Advanced Diploma of Music Industry (Sound Production) Course operates for one year over three 14-week trimesters.

This course involves both scheduled classroom-learning activities and simulated industry-based training and assessment. The program is delivered using trainer-led, face-to-face learning in a classroom setting, combined with recording studio practical tasks and self-paced study. The course will provide learners with skills and knowledge required to further their abilities and career opportunities in the areas of Music and Sound Production.
Training is delivered in a face-to-face classroom based delivery (three days a week) which is trainer led, combined with self-paced learning. Students will also need to prepare work in their own time in response to assessment tasks. These include scenario responses, projects, observations, portfolio responses, research tasks and presentation activities. Written learning activities will reinforce theoretical knowledge and skills will be practised in the studio where learning will be placed into context.
Participants will be provided with professionally presented reference material to assist them in developing their knowledge of music business, as well as examples of professional work to assist them in developing their practical and critical listening skills.
The Grove Studios Academy offers recognition of prior learning and recognises the outcomes issued by other RTOs. If you have prior learning or hold current competency, let us know during your enrolment.


The Advanced Diploma Course has 15 units of competency structured into 4 clusters. This “Cluster” model allows us to train and assess units of competency as a group that have common skills and knowledge or because they share a common work function. This provides an efficient service delivery model whilst providing the learner with a logical learning sequence.
To be issued the qualification Advanced Diploma of Music Industry (Sound Production), a learner must be assessed as competent in all 15 units of competency. These units of competency are comprised of 4 core units and 11 elective units.
The Grove Studios Academy has selected the elective units of competency to ensure that the learners are provided with a broad set of specialised and unique abilities that will enhance the scope of their career pathways.
The CUA6015 Advanced Diploma of Music Industry (Sound Production) course is delivered using the course structure outlined below:

Cluster 7 BSBIPR501 - Manage intellectual property to protect and grow business
CUAMLT502 - Apply concepts of music and society to professional practice
CUAPPR603 - Engage in the business of creative practice
Cluster 8 CUAMLT601 - Analyse music

CUAMLT501 - Refine aural perception skills
Cluster 9 CUASOU506 - Create a final sound balance

CUASOU602 - Manage production of sound recordings
CUAPPR505 - Establish and maintain safe professional practice
Cluster 10 CUASOU507 - Compile music for soundtracks

CUASOU601 - Manage production of sound designs
CUAPPM604 - Plan and manage lm and media post-production CUAMCP501 - Compose music using electronic media


The Grove Studio Academy offers different payment options to help assist you in your studies.

Upfront Payment (3x payments)
1st Payment – Enrolment confirmation: $1,500
2nd Payment – Due before the commencement of Trimester 2: $4,000
3rd Payment – Due before the commencement of Trimester 3: $4,000

Study Loans
The Grove Studios Academy has also partnered with Study Loans to give students access to private funding for their course fees.

Note: Individual unit of competency cost for RPL: $250.00* and must be paid through upfront payments.

A full Schedule of Fees and refund policy can be downloaded here.


There are no entry requirements for this qualification specified within the Arts and Culture Training Package (CUA). Noting this, The Grove Studios Academy requires students who undertake this course to:
− Be aged 16 years or over.
− Have suitable language, literacy and numeracy skills to read and comprehend learning materials and perform tasks related to creative documentation, reflective documentation, signal flow, client communication, critical listening, scheduling, production documentation, business documentation, contracts, listening skills and group based learning and development.

- To ensure all students have the required level of LLN skills The Grove Studios Academy will assess a learner’s core skills during their enrolment to ensure they have adequate skills to complete the training. All students will be required to complete the LLN Student Interview Guide (GA31 and GA31A).
- Have completed the three core units taught within The Grove Studios Academy Diploma course. These units are: CUASOU504 Produce sound recordings, CUASOU505 Implement sound designs and CUASOU503 Develop sound designs.
The Grove Studios Academy can provide additional learning support to students who require basic assistance. For students who have more fundamental support needs, The Grove Studios Academy can refer these students to a specialist language, literacy and numeracy development provider who can assist students to improve their language, literacy and numeracy skills.

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